How to Satisfy Your Patner After You’ve climaxed (18+)

Have you been unable to satisfy your partner during sex, trying different sex positions to satisfy him or her, check this format out and thank me later.


1. ENGAGE HER IN SOME SENSUAL KISSING Babe Start by kissing your partner from top to bottom during your refractory period. This is a time to truly enjoy some serious foreplay. She won’t even notice that you’re resting for round 2

As well, “Licking all of the sensitive areas of their body — nipples, ears and neck to show your partner that you may have ‘finished’ but u aren’t done and still want to enjoy their body. Your mouth is really going to come in handy during this time!!

2. ENGAGE HER IN SOME SENSUAL TOUCHING Darling Trace her curves, give small kisses, show her how good your post-orgasm glow feels by staying connected and in contact



Try something this

• place your collapse dick in between her ass

• Then place your hand on her breast, with 2 fingers working on her nipple. • now start Kissing her neck while your other hand will fuck her pussy, with your two fingers stimulating her clitoris

3) USE A SEX TOY After u have had an orgasm, this is the perfect time to try out that new sex toy that just arrived. “It takes the pressure off of u to reach n maintain another erection, and she will enjoy it as u bring her to another climax


Go down on your partner during this time

“Who doesn’t want to enjoy oral? Take your time n go slow. Who knows? You may end up getting stimulated all over again n ready for another session!”

You can also relax and allow her to give you the best blow job you’ve ever experienced while you get ready for more rounds.

Allow her to do the job, while you finger her ass and pussy. Damn, I’m wet already!
And if you’re feeling particularly exhausted, u can get your partner to sit on your face, allowing u to lie on your back essentially without moving any body part except your tongue!!

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